Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Local Pubs

Local Pubs in the Huntingdonshire Branch Area

Promoting & protecting local pubs is a key objective of CAMRA. The following links will take you to a list of pubs in our region and highlight which pubs have received awards and entries in the Good Beer Guide.

Pub Guide
Good Beer Guide
Good Beer Guide entries in previous years
Good Beer Guide League Table

Assets of Community Value

Protection of local pubs will sometimes require communities or groups such as local CAMRA branches to apply to register these pubs as Assets of Community Value. Follow this link for more details about Assets of Community Value, including which pubs in the Hunts branch area are registered.

CAMRA accepts that not all pubs can be saved from closure, but we would wish to remember those pubs that have been lost. Follow this link to a list of the Closed Pubs in our region since the Huntingdonshire CAMRA branch has been in existence from 1976.

Pub Tours

If you enjoy combining pub visits with walking or riding, then check a few suggested routes below:

Pub Walks
Pub Cycle Rides