Cider and Perry List - St Ives 2017

Less than 7% ABV - £3:80/pt; 7% ABV or greater - £4:20/pt

Cromwell, Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire
Oliver’s Sweetheart - Medium Sweet (6.5%)
A sweetish cider from our local cider maker always popular at Booze on the Ouse

Ermines Treat, Cambridgeshire
Weasel’s Revenge - Medium Dry (5.5%)
Hazy, golden, fresh apple flavours

Harding's, Abbotsley, Cambridgeshire
Three Counties Bounty - Medium Dry (7.5%)
Sharp, fruity clear cider

Kilmegan, Northern Ireland
Kilmegan Dry - Dry (6.8%)
Fresh fruit flavours and a long finish

Mayfly, Hertfordshire
Mayfly Dry - Dry (7.4%)
Dry cider but also fruity and smooth (awarded third place at this year’s Hitchin beer festival)

Potton Press, Potton, Bedfordshire
Grounds for Divorce - Medium Dry (8.5%)
A new cider from popular local producer

Pyder - Medium (7.0%)
A refreshing blend of cider and perry

Simon’s, Camborne, Cambridgeshire
Russet - Medium Dry (8.5%)
Single variety cider made using local Russet apples

Queen Cox - Medium Sweet (6.0%)
Single variety cider

Tempted, Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Tempted Sweet - Sweet (5.0%)
A sweet cider with a pleasing slightly dry finish

Wise Owl, Kent
Blackcurrant - Medium Sweet (5.5%)
Sweetish cider with fruit added

Cherry - Medium Sweet (5.5%)
Sweetish cider with fruit added

Strawberry - Medium Sweet (5.5%)
Sweetish cider with fruit added

Worley’s, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Harvest Moon - Medium (7.2%)
‘Punchy’: a cider drinker’s cider

Beatnik Billy - Sweet (5.5%)
A sweet, typically Somerset cider

Simon’s, Camborne, Cambridgeshire
Gibson's Perry - Sweet (6.7%)

Several non alcoholic apple juices from Watergull Orchards will hopefully be available. These were popular at the booze on the Ouse in St Ives last year.