Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

George & Lin L - Hunts Branch Members

Friday 1 May 2020

Early on in the pandemic when so much panic buying was going on I went to buy some beers from our local Sainsbury and was dismayed to find they had all gone. About this time of the year I usually go to Woodbastwick for a trip to the the Woodforde’s brewery there and after a few beers sampling their wares come away with a couple of flagons to bring home. As we were in lockdown I was missing my trip. What with no beer in the supermarket, lock down and limited stock at home I sent off for a small supply. The picture below shows the result and immense pleasure when it arrived. Yes I had 24 bottles of Nelson’s (used to be Nelson’s Revenge) and a small keg. This was eked out until I could get my proper supply. The keg I had over a couple of nice warm days sitting on my patio. It was kept nice and cool in my study. I have since found that the Admiral Wells at Holme is selling drought beer if you take a container so real beer in my flagon when the pubs are closed is a reasonable substitute. Hope everyone is keeping safe and if this is of interest for the lockdown news feel free to use it?

The sad news is I had to go to a funeral recently. The picture below shows the deceased! A very sad occasion.