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Campaign for Real Ale

Locked In Stories

Whilst these are trying times, there are many positive (sometimes a little crazy) stories that local CAMRA members want to share, to keep everyone smiling. Some of these stories will be added here. Check back regularly!

  • Branch Secretary - Chris Friday 1 May 2020

    This lock down has come with especially rubbish timing for me, not that there would ever to good timing. With a highly anticipated holiday to celebrate a big birthday cancelled, I had plenty of annual leave which I had to take anyway. This has given me plenty of time to do some stuff around the house and in the garden.

    Out with the old loos, in with the new plants.

    Chris' Locked in Activity - Out with the Old Chris' Locked in Activity - Out with the old Chris' Locked in Activity - In with the plants Chris' Locked in Activity - In with the plants

    Delving deep into the depths of DIY - I decided to gut and remove our old (and fully decommissioned I hasten to add) boiler, and recover a cupboard - Pretty happy with the result!

    Chris' Locked in Activity - DIY bravity Chris' Locked in Activity - There's a hole in the house! Chris' Locked in Activity - Happy with the new cupboard!

    Oh and who could forget the Dog! Desperate for a hair cut, we braved some clippers and tried to do it our selves - Hope she's not to traumatised.

    Chris' Locked in Activity - In need of the mop chop Chris' Locked in Activity - Chopped

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  • George & Lin L - Hunts Branch Members Friday 1 May 2020

    Early on in the pandemic when so much panic buying was going on I went to buy some beers from our local Sainsbury and was dismayed to find they had all gone. About this time of the year I usually go to Woodbastwick for a trip to the the Woodforde’s brewery there and after a few beers sampling their wares come away with a couple of flagons to bring home. As we were in lockdown I was missing my trip. What with no beer in the supermarket, lock down and limited stock at home I sent off for a small supply. The picture below shows the result and immense pleasure when it arrived. Yes I had 24 bottles of Nelson’s (used to be Nelson’s Revenge) and a small keg. This was eked out until I could get my proper supply. The keg I had over a couple of nice warm days sitting on my patio. It was kept nice and cool in my study. I have since found that the Admiral Wells at Holme is selling drought beer if you take a container so real beer in my flagon when the pubs are closed is a reasonable substitute. Hope everyone is keeping safe and if this is of interest for the lockdown news feel free to use it?

    The sad news is I had to go to a funeral recently. The picture below shows the deceased! A very sad occasion.

  • Good Beer Guide Coord - Roy Friday 1 May 2020

    Being retired now for 10 years or more, keeping myself busy with hobbies and jobs has never been a problem for me. I’m sitting here now, multi-tasking between scanning old photos, writing this and researching a couple of technical issues. Updating our Branch History. Then there is the Grandchildren, but that’s another story.

    For my sins I’m the longest serving Committee member of the Branch being elected to the committee in 1979. I think I’ve done every job going over the years. So I’ve seen it all. But what I’m really missing from this lockdown is our weekly trips out. At least once a week we would be going out somewhere, usually by train. In another life I was employed by British Rail and still retain concessionary travel facilities. So it’s nothing to pop up to Manchester for a Lunchtime beer (or two) to meet up with old colleagues and friends.

    Another casualty of this lockdown is holidays, we had a planned trip to Germany in May this was obviously cancelled, we were all gutted, having planned this 9 months ago we were looking forward renewing our acquaintance with Bamberg’s smoke Beer or Rauch bier as it’s known. So I had an idea why not have a virtual smoke beer session using one of the video sharing apps that everyone is using these days to keep in touch. We just need to source the beer. Not that easy when you can’t get out. I found that Amazon were selling it, also Shume locally so that was sorted. I was a little apprehensive that the American contingent, who were coming, they might struggle to get it in the USA, but I thought I had seen some on our recent visit. Sure enough I was right, no problem, if fact they nearly managed the full range!

    But then disaster struck. I came down with symptoms of the dreaded Bat Flu. Luckily it was mild, but to my horror I lost my taste. I was drinking a Sour beer flavoured with Lemon and I thought to myself this tastes a bit bland!. Sure enough everything tasted the same. This lasted for a week, but thankfully it came back before our virtual German beer session, which by the way, went very well even with the time difference. So yes, you can drink with friends, but just not in the same room.

    Cheers, Roy

  • Jan & Steve - Hunts Branch Members Friday 1 May 2020

    As the pubs are closed, Steve decided to make his own beer from scratch.

    This was the ferment after 24 hours - bit lively!!

  • Mark S - Hunts Branch Member Friday 1 May 2020

    I started a brew at home & thought I'd share it with you. It's a kit beer, but I'm calling it Lockdown Ale!

    It's been on the yeast almost 2 weeks & tastes fine, even before bottling.

    Mark S Home Brew Kit - 2 Weeks on Yeast

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  • Membership Secretary - Varina Friday 1 May 2020

    Finally (after 5 years) took my Overlocker out of its box, read the instruction manual and used it for the first time to make a sewing maching cover and cover for the overlocker. It wasn't nearly as frightening as I thought it would be!!!

    • Dressmaking (made a summer shirt for Gareth and have done some long awaited alterations)
    • Gardening (managed to order some plants from Waresley Garden Centre just before they stopped taking orders for delivery)
    • Sunbathing (something I never do unless I'm on holiday because I feel guilty that there is always something else I should be doing)
    • Jigsaws
    • Made some non-surgical face masks for family members
    • Had a good clear-out in the loft ready for the charity shops to open
    • Cycling
    • Early morning walks
    Varina's locked in successes - New shirt for Gareth
    Varina's Locked in Successes - Homemade Face Mask
    Varina's Locked in Successes - New Covers

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  • Roy A - Hunts Branch Member Friday 1 May 2020

    We're bored to death with being locked down, however it makes you do jobs you've meant to get around to for years! One job has been sorting photo's out. Found one of the Set Up crew 2006, was taken in the patio area of the Oliver Cromwell in St Ives. Think the date is correct; I've got dark hair! It's amazing how many people still do the set up. Think there are only 2/3 I can't put names to:

    Roy A Locked in - Found Old Set Up Photos

    Coming on a few years, Roy found an old link to a cut frame video of the 2009 Festival Set up - Check it out!

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