Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

About our Branch

Huntingdonshire CAMRA, one of over 200 local branches of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, promotes good quality cask beer served in good pubs in Western Cambridgeshire. Covering the towns of St Neots, St Ives and Huntingdon, extending to Kimbolton in the West, Earith in the East, Sawtry in the North and Bassingbourn in the South, the branch includes some 150 pubs.

Beer Festivals All members of CAMRA living in the branch area are automatically members of Huntingdonshire CAMRA (there are no additional subs to pay!) We have over 600 members, have regular varied events and each year we hold two 'Booze on the Ouse' beer festivals - one at St. Neots in March, and the other at St. Ives in October. These events aim to feature many of the beers that will be placed as Gold, Silver or Bronze category winners in CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain competition of the current year. Find out the full details of the next Booze on the Ouse beer festival.

Branch Meetings The branch elects a committee to oversee the inner workings of the branch so that members can just turn up and enjoy the events laid on. The branch has its AGM every April, and a business meeting every month when the social calendar is decided and members can let us know of any changes in the local pub scene. Branch meetings are held at good pubs across the branch area, See the current branch Hunts Branch Diary for what's on this month.

Newsletter The branch produces a newsletter, Opening Times, quarterly. The newletter is 20-28 pages x A5 and copies are distributed to ~120 pubs throughout Huntingdonshire. The newletter is also distributed to members. Please send any editorial or adverts to ku.gro.armacstnuh@swen. If you are a local CAMRA member and you would like to help distribute the newsletter, please get in touch with Graham Mulchinock.

Good Beer Guide The branch is also responsible for selecting pubs for the best selling Good Beer Guide. The selection process takes place at Branch Meetings in February and March each year, and selection is primarily based on beer quality scores accumulated during the previous year. The Good Beer Guide is a critical publication for all beer lovers as it is the only guide which directs its readers to pubs selling the best beer. If you are a local CAMRA member and you would like to help provide beer quality scores, please get in touch with Richard Harrison for more details.

Socials, Trips and Events Add to all this monthly socials in pubs throughout the branch area, visits to local breweries and local beer festivals throughout the year (we aim to visit at least two breweries, and two local beer festivals each year); with all this activity you will find that Huntingdonshire CAMRA really is the pub-goers champion.

If you love cask beer, if you use pubs in Huntingdonshire or if you think that it would be a shame if Britain lost that unique part of its heritage, the pub, then you should join CAMRA today.