Cider & Perry - St Neots 2018

The following ciders and perries have been ordered. Please note that this list is subject to change prior to the festival.


Cambridge Cider Company, Cambs
Face Rub - Dry (6.5%) - Sponsored by The Ale Taster, St Neots
A new dry cider from a local producer

Potton Press, Beds
Sweet Spot - Sweet (7.4%)
Blend of current season and vintage cider. Always popular at Booze on the Ouse [Available to sponsor]

Trip Hazard - Medium (8.2%)
Award winning cider from local producer. Rich, strong and characterful [Available to sponsor]


Dorset Sunshine, Dorset
Festival - Medium (6.0%)
Medium cider from a small producer in Dorset [Available to sponsor]

Green Valley, Devon
Vintage - Med Dry (7.5%)
Multi-award winner from a craft cider producer who has been making cider since 1989 [Available to sponsor]

Haywood Farm, Cornwall
Sweet - Sweet (6.0%) - Sponsored by Rach - Local CAMRA Member
Farmhouse cider produced using a traditional granite cider press

My'n'ers, Hampshire
Sweet - Sweet (6.5%)
A very small producer using a blend of Hants and Somerset cider apples [Available to sponsor]

Napton Cidery, Warwickshire
Red Devil - Medium (7.0%)
Single variety cider named from the apples deep red colour [Available to sponsor]

Thirsty Farmer, Notts
Traditional - Med Dry (5.5%)
Crisp sharp cider, slightly cloudy from the bittersweet apples used [Available to sponsor]

Westcroft, Somerset
Janets Jungle Juice - Sweet (6.0%)
Traditional Somerset cider apples are used to make this award winning cider. Always popular at CAMRA festivals [Available to sponsor]

West Milton, Dorset
Medium - Medium (5.0%)
Cider from a small producer in Bridport [Available to sponsor]


Virtual Orchard, Bucks
Coachbuilder Passion Fruit - Med Sweet (4.0%)
Made using natural flavourings and a natural plant based sweetener [Available to sponsor]

Wise Owl, Kent
Blackcurrant - Fruit (5.5%) - Sponsored by The Wildlife Trust, Huntingdonshire Local Group
Flavoured cider from a producer whose ciders are always popular at local festivals

Cherry - Fruit (5.5%)
Cherry flavoured cider from an award winning producer [Available to sponsor]

Strawberry - Fruit (5.5%)
Kentish cider flavoured with strawberries [Available to sponsor]


Cambridge Cider Company, Cambs
President's Perry - TBC (7.1%)
Popular perry from a local producer [Available to sponsor]

Tufts Clump, Berks
Perry - Med Dry (7.1%)
Easy drinking perry made in the Thames Valley [Available to sponsor]

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