General Election 2017: CAMRA's manifesto

Help make beer and pubs a priority in this election

#pledgeforpubs #GE2017

On the 8th of June, the UK will go to the polls for the General Election. We need your help to ensure that your local candidates know how important beer and pubs are to you as a potential voter

This election gives us a chance to put forward CAMRA’s specific proposals to better support the UK’s beer drinkers and pub-goers. Together in 2015 we persuaded 1,160 candidates to pledge support for beer and pubs. As a result of this campaigning, we had 211 MPs who had promised to speak up in Parliament on our behalf.

Our campaigning efforts paid dividends: we’ve seen successes with a beer duty freeze in 2016, support for pubs facing high business rate bills and most recently on planning protection for pubs in England. But there is more to do. We need to make sure these successes are protected and push the next Government to ensure beer drinkers and pub-goers get a good deal as Britain prepares to leave the EU.

CAMRA is asking election candidates to commit to do the following if elected:

1. Beer: Celebrate and promote Britain’s 1,540 breweries
2. Pubs: Support action to help pubs thrive
3. Consumers: Represent the interests of pub goers, beer and cider drinkers

Please visit CAMRA's website to:

• View or download our full manifesto
• Contact your local candidates
• See a list of which candidates have signed up so far